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Here love is impossible - Дарина Кочанжи
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Дарина Кочанжи
Here love is impossible

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Verse 1:

             Cm              Hb
Every time I think of Your name
                  G#           Gm
Of Your love, that I can't explain
                 Fm              G
Why You died for us, Jesus Christ?
                 Cm                 Hb
I want to understand: who You are?
                     G#           Gm
I want to know: what is Your love?
                    Fm                  G
My life is like a night, I need Your light!


    Cm        D#             Hb            Fm
Here love is impossible, but You loved me!
   Cm      D#               Hb       Fm
This is so incredible - your love to me!
Cm      D#             Hb      Fm
I am insignificant, but even when
        Cm         D#           Hb           Fm        Cm
Whole world was invisible, you were, You were with me

Verse 2:

Every time I searched for Your face
Your forgiveness and Your grace
You were by my side - freedom for my mind
Now I understand who You are
Now I know, what is Your love
You are in my heart Son of God
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